We’ve found some new friends in the Forest School

The children absolutely love our Forest School area. They noticed all of the new and exciting things that have appeared in the area. They have been really excited by all challenges that they can undertake. There has been lots of questions and sharing of ideas whilst they have been playing. There is lots of magical exploration in the garden.

We’ve had some new friends join us in our forest garden, the fairies have arrived! We’ve been busy making sure they’re enjoying their new home, they have fabulous houses, which the children have been exploring. The children are fascinated with all of the small beds and tables. The children have been making up stories about the fairies, they even have a special door, they have even added a few windows. They are making sure the houses are decorated and thinking of ways they can include them in their play.

The birds have even got their own nests, the children have been busy building nests for the birds, what a wonderful sight.

Our Forest school continues to excite the children, it encourages the children to explore in nature, we learn new skills, whittling (taking the skin off sticks). The children are always asking ‘Is it Forest School today?’

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