School Readiness

We know that the next important change that happens for parents and children is when they begin the transition into the next phase of their education. Parents have been supported to ensure their children are ready for school.

We held meetings on Tuesday 5th June 2017 to relieve stress for both parents and children.

We talked about topics which included understanding the induction process from each school, the importance of establishing a routine prior to school, self-help skills and how to make this fun,

We talked about new words that might be introduced and what lunchtimes might look like. Expectations of children after a long school day and their new experiences e.g. your child may be very tired and hungry and may not want to engage about their experiences due to this

We talked about how the nursery prepare the children in advance of their visits to school.

We gave parents opportunities to express and explore any concerns they may have.

If you have any further questions please speak to Fiona.

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