Parent/Carer Questionnaire 2016

Parent’s Questionnaire 2016



Thank you to everyone who completed our 2016 Parent/Carer Questionnaire.  We asked parent/carers to respond to questions with:  unhappy, okay, happy or very happy.  We are delighted to share our outstanding results from those who responded.



We asked:   Would you recommend Lord Street Community Nursery School to family and friends?

You replied:   100%  of you said “yes”


 …. and parents said:   “Great support for children with all different kinds of needs.”

“It is an amazing nursery all three of my children have loved attending Lord Street.”

“I can’t thank Lord Street enough for their hard work and dedication that they have given, not just my daughter, but to all of the children in their care.”

“More than just a nursery, I have never failed to be impressed how far the staff go for parents/families of children.”



We asked:   How do you feel about your opportunities to speak to staff?

You replied:    96% Very happy, 4% happy


… and a parent said:   ” Staff are always very easy to approach, the receptionist is also very friendly, attentive and willing to help.”



We asked:   How pleased are you with your child’s learning?

You replied:   96% very happy, 4% happy


…. and a parent said:   “My daughter has thrived here. Lord Street has helped support my daughter, educationally, emotionally and socially.”


We asked:   How do you feel about the staff’s friendliness? 

You replied:   89% very happy, 11% happy


…. and a parent said:   “Lovely friendly nursery and staff.”



We asked:   How happy is your child at nursery?

You replied:   98% very happy, 2%  happy


…. and a parent said:   Our son is so happy here and he has come out of his shell.”



We asked:   How does the building make you feel?

You replied:    75% very happy, 25% happy


…. and a parent said:   “It’s warm, homely and friendly.”



We asked:   How do you feel about the safety in the nursery?

You replied:    92% very happy, 8% happy


…. and a parent said:   “I am very confident in the safety of the nursery”


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