School Hours

We start and end Nursery at the following times:

Morning Session

Afternoon Session

Please arrive between:
8:45am to 9:00am
12:45pm to 1:00pm
And collect between:
11:20am to 11:30am
3:20pm to 3:30pm

A free extended session of 4 hours is available 1 day per week. Morning children 8:45am to 12:45pm.


Afternoon children from 11:30am to 3:30pm.


Total of 15 hours funding.



We also offer extra sessions to three and four year olds (subject to availability), these should be booked in advance.  Please ask at the school office for further details.


The cost of a morning or an afternoon session is £10.00 per session.

The cost of a lunchtime session including lunch is £7.00 per session.


From this September we will be offering two new offers to eligible working families. For further details on Tax-Free Childcare and The 30 Hours Free Entitlement    please visit our Admissions Page or alternatively ask at the school office.

Contact Us

Lord Street Nursery School
Lord Street
DE24 9AX
Telephone: 01332 349363